I have read, understand and agree with the following privacy statements and policy of Easy Magnet Corp: 
1. The purpose ofthe collecting personal information at Easy Magnet’s Web sites aresolelyfor business requirements such as processorders, RFQ, specification confirmation and thecompany's customer data management.  With customers’ consent and compliance of thePersonal Data Protection Actof Taiwan, Easy Magnet collect, process, anduse ofcustomers’personalinformation.
2.  Personal information being collected from the Easy Magnet’ web site registrations pages include but not limit toyourpersonal name, date of birth,contactphone, address, companyinformation, express carrier account number and area of product interest.
3. Use of the customers’ personal data is only for business contacts, product marketing, internalanalysisandcustomer service managementneeds.
4. Aforementioned premise, you agree and authorize Easy Magnet Cop. toprocess the information totheextentpermittedbylaw.  Andtheuseofrelevant information including but not limited to provide you withthe Company'soperations, marketing and commercial information. However, youcan stilladvocatepersonalinformationrightsinaccordancewiththelegal provisionsof thefollowing matters: query,read, supplement, correct, processing, delete, exceptin accordance with the company’s compliance of Taiwan law. 
5. If correctionneeds, please contact Easy Magnet Corp. during the business hoursby telephone(Tel: 886-2-2698-9699) ore-mail (, the Company willmake necessary amendment within3 business days. 
The policy and practice described aboveare withtheprovisionsofthe“TaiwanPersonalDataProtection Act".
6. You information registeredin Easy Magnets’ web site issubject tostrict firewallsecurity production. Your passwordis encrypted and none of Easy Magnet Employee has access to your password.