• FCM332813SH

  • · 33.0×28.0mm Max.(L×W),13.0mm Max Height,SMD structure.

    · Single-layer flat wire design which can reduce high-frequency noise and skin effect loss.

    · Inductance range:6.0mH~15mH,Custom values are welcomed.

    · Ideally used as AC common mode noise filter for TV, VCR, Switching power supply, PC&PC related advice, measurement and control unit with better attenuation characteristics in high frequency band.

    · Dielectric strength:1800Vrms,winding to winding.

    · Insulation Resistance:100MΩ Min (Coil to core) at 500Vdc.

    · Operating temperature:-25 to +105℃,RoHS & HF compliance.

    · T&R Qtys:130 Pcs,13'' Reel.

Part No. Part Description Sampling Inquiry

6.0mH, 0.053Ohm, 3.2Amp, SMD Power Inductor, 13.0mm max height 


10.0mH, 0.128Ohm, 2.0Amp, SMD Power Inductor, 13.0mm max height 


15.0mH, 0.220Ohm, 1.5Amp, SMD Power Inductor, 13.0mm max height 

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